Gillian's Legacy

In the Spring, the people of the Isle fight hard to slowly turn the table on their Beast aggressors. In the Summer, they flip it over. The clear weather and warm sunlight make for perfect hunting conditions for the humans. Men and women encroach on the surrounding woods in hunting parties unmatched in size through the rest of the year, the tone of these hunts lighter than that of war or survival, going so far as to almost seem like recreation. Beast incursions in the summer season range from rare to non-existant depending on the year. This gives the residents of Gillian’s Legacy an opportunity to focus on education. For this reason, the focal point of Gillian’s Legacy is the Gille Academy, a beautiful structure of milky, white marble with a series of downward sloping exterior mezzanines. It is in Gillian’s Legacy that craftsmen flourish over farmers and medical practitioners. Fireworks, artwork, and delicate machinery at the level of clocks and wind-up toys fall exclusively into this Sanctuary’s purview. Educators and caretakers also become more widespread, as half of all citizens born in the isles are born in Legacy and the outlying city as a result of Fallhome’s activity 9 months prior.


Education in Gillian’s Legacy is centered in the Gille Academy, where the collected knowledge of the people for generations past are kept in an elaborate labyrinthine library beneath. New tomes of herbalism, astronomy, astrology, and rudimentary chemistry and physics are kept side by side with the legends, histories, and books of war of the faded generations. The academy is maintained by a staff of about 75, depending on the need necessitated by population growth, as these staff are split amongst educators and those who tend the city’s newborns while their parents go about their chosen professions. The infantile are taught the basics of language and proper behavior within the Isle; of the changing nature of the world around them and also the threat which makes such changes necessary. This is punctuated with the phrase “Adapt to Survive” carved into the entrance in the script of the Isles. When a Legacy citizen reaches puberty, he or she chooses the profession which they will learn at the academy, and will learn exclusively that for four 13-hour days throughout the week. At the age of 20, these citizens may choose to enter the workforce or continue with their studies. Continuing their studies opens up the future possibility of the prestigious title of Canical, or Academy instructor for a given profession.


Security in Gillian’s Legacy is provided by overwhelming fleets of soldiers who opt out of the academy at a young age yet still desire the ceremony due a student. These soldiers, collectively referred to as Gillian’s Children, are trained from the day after they leave the academy, seeing full combat for the first time at 16 years old. Gillian’s Children are divided by a ranking system which denotes them as siblings. Fresh recruits given no official ranking title, but are referred to I general as “Younglings.” On the day they turn 16, younglings receive an official promotion to Youngest Brother or Youngest Sister. From there, by achievement or skill or seniority, a soldier may progress to Young, Middle, Older, Elder and Eldest Brother or Sister. This is to emphasize a sense of belonging and responsibility to the soldiers around you, and reflect a long-standing tradition of the familiar center of conflict within the isle. Children of Gillian emphasize skillful coordination of their large numbers to engage opponents with no or minimal losses. They cover only a slightly smaller area around their city than the forces of Alklaron, unprepared to risk any threat to the Academy. Due both to this and the local behavior of beasts, Gillian’s children seldom must engage in battle. Oftentimes, the final month of life in Legacy betrays a sense of lasting security, and the end of each summer season finds many, many hopeful soldiers completely convinced that the Summer would be considered the last season of beasts. Every Fall to date has proven them wrong.


Law in Legacy is a complex system of courts and bureaucracies lorded over by a council of Gillian’s Chosen, the most senior student or worker of any given profession. These Chosen convene regularly, forming a dizzying array of political splinter factions and deciding by vote on matters of criminal justice and overseeing of the city. Punishment in Legacy is often conscripted service in a dangerous or unsavory task for an amount of time fitting the crime committed. These tasks include things like managing the bodies of the dead or the waste of the living, making repairs to the exterior of the tower, and keeping watch in the deeper parts of the forest against the lupine threat. Gillian’s Legacy boasts a well-supplied and university-trained force of guards to deal with small scale conflict within the city. Gillian’s Children tend to manage larger-scale conflicts at the edges of the city.


The splendid open markets of Legacy are home to a basic currency economy based off of silver coins, harvested from the mountains in winter and from riverside veins year-round by the more brave Isle prospectors. These are traded with off-season Grey Breakings Certs and Alklaron shells and dyes by clever brokers and investors. The market is a circle of clean, beautiful buildings, most of which stand two or three floors high, surrounding weekly-rotating tents and stalls displaying all manner of cloth, foods, and spices. These tent and stall spaces are, week for week, rented out to the highest bidder in a kind of real-estate auction, with proceeds going towards the Chosen’s programs, necessary city utilities and labor, and university research. Legacy is the only place where traders from Scissorwind to the north can make a profit selling their wares, but they tend to do so regularly and with only minimal flak from normally xenophobic citizens. It isn’t unusual for the rented market to occasionally hold more foreign shopkeepers than local ones.

Gillian's Legacy

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