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A World at War

The Bound Sea, a sphere of water ebbing around an infant sun, is no stranger to conflict. For over twenty years now the Great Chain War has been battled between the Ispirian Commonwealth and the Grendamnian Federacy, leaving most with nothing to hope for but Grindamnian starvation or the Ispirian Mass-Draft. With homeland invasion from one side or the other a constant threat, some have chosen to flee farther from the conflict, to new lands and potentially greater dangers.

Isla Canis, The Isle of Dogs

In different eras, the Isle of Dogs was the homeland of both the Urian and Aeolian peoples. The legacy of their ancestors remain, littering the Isle with ruins, strongholds, and memories, the footholds of the current civilization. The descendants have returned to reclaim what was theirs, to make homes and shore up against the growing war. But this is not the same place that their ancestors abandoned. It has since been overtaken by wolves, and worse. With thrashing claws and tearing teeth, horrors flood the forests and mountains, killing even each other for food and territory. The human inhabitants struggle to survive on the bones of their ancestors, and have adapted to constant migration to stay one step ahead of the howling maws. But are they escaping, or being herded?


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